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France abounds with Antique Shops and Depot Ventes,  There are also frequent car boot sales called Vide Grenniers held throughout the year but principally in the summer months.

The Depot Vente concept is a very popular way of selling unwanted items in France.  All are strictly regulated by French authorities.  The items on sale are coded and priced and once sold the money remitted to the vendor whilst the Depot Vente keeps a percentage as a commission.  The purchaser then has a week in which the goods can be returned should they be faulty.

Antique and Collectables sales are also held inside, frequently in places such as village Salle de Fetes.  Sales go under the names of Marché des Brocantes, Marché des Antiquities.  There are also Marché des Puces (Flea Markets) held regularly in the larger towns.

Two sites which list Vide Greniers and some other sales are:

http://www.pointsdechine.com/ - this excellent site lists Vide Greniers by month, region and department and also Vente Aux Enchères - Auctions

http://vide-greniers.org/ - this site includes an interactive map.

Both sites recommend double checking the events or else take a chance because from time to time an event may be cancelled and the organiser forgets to inform the site.

Newsagents also sell a Calendrier des Brocantes for each year.  This generally goes on sale in March.

Expats can buy and sell on an English speaking site

www.trocanglaise.com .  The site not only has an antiques and collectables section but also sells a variety of other items from cars to travel tickets.

Two articles on this site which may be interesting are Galerie de l'Occasion Depot Vente and Lancieux Vide Grenier


Galerie de l’Occasion

Depot Vente

Depot Vente

Z I de Dinan, 14 Bd de Preval, 22100 Quevert
Tel/Fax: 02 96 85 19 22

(Industrial Zone of Dinan)

Opening hours: 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 19:00 Monday to Saturday

15:00 to 18:30 Sunday (except the Summer)





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Taden (Dinan)




  Un si joli passé  

antiques, collectables

35, rue du Colonel Pleven


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    & Porte 22  

Antiques & Furniture Restoration

at Route de Dinan - PLOUBALAY

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