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The Bretons are principally Celts and share their language with the Welsh - the two languages have a myriad words in common - and are secondly the same Celtic family as the Cornish.  There is St Michael's Mount in Cornwall and Le Mont St Michel on the Brittany/Normandy border.  Breton features are similar to Welsh features - round, jolly faces.  The  Bretons play bagpipes like the Scottish, harps like the Welsh and Irish and have their "little people" too.  Kind Arthur and his court were said to move between Wales and Brittany with twin castles - -Kerdhuel near Huelgoat in Brittany and Carduel in Wales. Go to Breton Myths and Legends to find out more. 

St. Malo was founded by a Welsh monk Saint Maclaw. 

Why are there people speaking the same language in France as in Wales?  Well the principal reason is that many years ago sea travel on the the west of the United Kingdom necessitated by passing Wales, Cornwall and then on to Brittany thus linking Ireland on the west of Britain and Scotland to the three other regions.  The Celts had also dispersed to these areas to avoid the Saxons. 

In the north of Wales many houses have the same style and look as houses in Brittany.