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Emeraude no longer sail and the company has been closed for some years however this article is left on the site to help keep their memory afloat!


The suspense is over for Emeraude Jersey Ferries and their passengers.  The "Great Britain" has replaced the Solidors IV and  V on the route between Jersey and France.  We will not re-cap on what has been a most difficult time for Emeraude - this is now over and the future for 2004 is going to plain sailing, I should say luxurious sailing! 


We travelled on the "Great Britain" from France this morning and our voyage was a delight. It is not the first time we have travelled on this vessel - as regular travellers around Europe, we have sailed between France and England on it in the past,  so we were particularly anticipating its arrival.  


The Solidor V was an attractive vessel and we always enjoyed looking at the clever picture commemorating Victor Hugo on its side as we boarded it but, in our view, the new addition is a vast improvement.  It is possible to go outside to get air, the seating is very comfortable and there are considerably more tables so it is now possible for large groups of friends to sit together.  The interior is more like a hotel lounge than a boat! 


There is a separate and spacious bar area with seating and tables and the duty-free shop is easily accessible as the Bureau de Change is in a totally separate area.  This means no more intermingling of queues as on the "V" when shoppers were deterred by a long line of people, some of whom in fact were just changing money.


Passengers can walk around an upper walk way and look out at the sea and also actually see into the bridge and get an idea of the technical aspects of the vessel.


Emeraude is one of the boats we have used for many years to go across the Channel to France.  We have seen many changes but look back to the years when the Solidor II was the car carrying vessel.and Philipe  was in charge of the popular restaurant on board.   We are always find his professionalism and good humour on even the most difficult occasions admirable. The journey then took two and a half hours unlike the speedy journey of just over an hour we took today.



We are most familiar with the First Class Section!  When we use Hoverspeed on the England-France route we always booked a first class passage as not only is the area so comfortable but the facilities Hoverspeed offer first class passengers are excellent!  Priority loading and unloading of vehicles and passengers, a high standard of  food and drink and a free paper all included in the price!  The pictures right and below of past trips in the first class section of the Great Britain will explain all!   We live in hope that Emeraude will follow suit! 













Good luck and

thank you Emeraude!!






Duty Free Shop
Bar Cafeteria View of the Bridge from the Interior of the Vessel
Philipe - Pursar on the Great Britain First Class Seating
A First Class Lunch on Hoverspeed A First Class Afternoon Tea on Hoverspeed