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Le Jardin de Coramille Baguer-Pican (between Dol and Fougere


Inspired by cottage gardens, loads of roses and other plants to look at.



Le Bourbansais (Pleugueneu)

Zoo and château

Zoo, Exhibitions, Orangery, gardens, horses and hounds

La Ballue, Bazouges-la Pérouse (close to Combourg, Rennes)

Gardens and château

Labyrinth. Different gardens  Style : XV11 century garden, French style garden,. Sculptures. Wisteria covered walkways

Claire de la Lune Promenade - Dinard Gardens The promenade circles beaches and on the coastal side has magnificent gardens.  There are guided tours available
Chateau du Bos - St Malo Gardens and Chateau Malouinière XVIIe French style gardens A visit with commentary available 3.30 daily during the season. Restaurant facilities plus billiards.
Chateau de Hac - close to Evran Gardens and Chateau Mediaeval Knot Garden and Renascence walk

Château du Combourg -- Combourg

Gardens and Château

Beautiful, natural gardens

La Roche Jagu - l'estuaire du Trieux Gardens and Chateau Situated at l'estuaire du Trieux.  Magnificent displays of camellias, palms and waterfalls.  Numerous concerts and plays held here.

Le parc de Caradeuc - Caradeuc

Gardens and Château

Termed the Versailles of Brittany, Situated in woodlands on hills just outside Becherel, the gardens are delightful, full of covered walkways, statues, topiary and a terrace with a view as far as Dinan.  Park is open from 30 June to autumn but check dates. 

Le Montmarin Le Richardais(not far from Le Barrage de la Rance).  

Château and Gardens

 Beautiful views of the Rance from here. The gardens are beautiful and imaginative.  The family who own it are intent on developing the Chateau and making it pay for itself.

Parc Floral de Haute Bretagne close to Mountours  and Le Châtelier heading to Fougeres

Park and Garden

Apart from the many interesting plants there are some activities for children.  400 camelias bloom in March, followed by other beautiful floral displays.  A variety of gardens including a Persian Garden,

Trévarez in Finistere


Park and Chateau Water gardens, even a modern garden, masses of plants many of which are local  The many walkways in this garden are surrounded by beds of camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas, hydrangeas, fuchsias and spring flowers. There is a display of Breton food, shops and a children's play area. 
Yves Rocher in Le Galicy, Le Morbihan This is actually a cosmetic company headquarters and factory but has amazing gardens Botanical garden with vegetarium.  Botanical museum .  You can also see how the cosmetics are produced. Lots of attractions Tel: 02 99 08 35 84
Pré des Landières de



Naturally landscaped area Pré des Landières means Washerwomen's Meadow and this is a tranquil area full of wild flowers, trees and wildlife.  Open all year around
Jardin du Parc


Garden An English style garden with many mature shrubs, this town garden is adjacent to the centre of the town.  There is music from time to time and a play area for children
Jardins de Brocéliande


le Pommeret

Gardens Particularly famous for its Iris gardens, which are considered one of the foremost collections of French irises, this garden incorporates natural features as well as more formal ones. The area is considered magical and the Foret de la Brocéliande is said to be the site of Merlin's tomb and many of the activities of the Knights of the Round Table.  A place where fairies are supposed to exist and magic to abound.


Parc du Thabor


Garden A city garden, this is to be found in the very centre of Rennes and originated in the 17th century.  Incorporates many beautiful walkways, one of which was reserved for men only during the 18th century.  The botanic area includes 3,122 species of plant. Apart from this there is a rose garden and many beautiful and unusual trees.  Musical entertainment from time to time on the bandstand plus there is an aviary to visit.
Parc du Château de Bienassis Château and Gardens A forested area the Château  dates back to the XVth and XVII centuries. It has fascinating walkways and a huge tree-lined avenue  which is very famous and classed as a national monument.  This was hit by the hurricane of 1987 but fortunately its genuine features were retained and restored .
Parc et Château de Kergrist Trégor Château and Gardens This 15th century building is considered a typical Trégor house but has also been made larger and restored over the centuries. 
Parc du Château de Rosanbo


Château and Gardens Overlooking the valley of the Blộ, this beautiful building is surrounded by a traditional French park which was designed by Duchesne. 
Jardin Exotique de Roscoff

Gardens There are over 3,000 species of plants from the southern hemisphere and spectacular rockeries including giant rock, waterfalls and features such as fountains and pools. One rock is 18 metres high and from there, there is a superb view of the bay of Morlaix.
Jardin Georges Delaselle

Penn Batz, Ile de Batz


Gardens Dating back 100 years, this garden is famous for its huge collection of palm trees and statues.   There are also Neolithic remains to look at.
Jardin du Douric

Saint Renan

Gardens Bamboo garden, palms, arboretum plus 8 water features to look at.  Additionally there is a garden devoted to plants and herbs with medicinal properties.
Conservatoire Botanique National de Brest


Conservatory and gardens This conservatory is devoted to the protection and preservation of plants that are disappearing  There are 4 million exotic species here of which 95% are threatened. The conservatory is surrounded by beautiful gardens devoted to the protection and preservation of endangered French plant species plus others from elsewhere in the world.  Very beautiful setting - woods, water features and cliffs.
Jardin du Centre Culturel Abbaye de d'Aoulas


Gardens Middle Age and Renaissance gardens growing a variety of herbal and medicinal plants plus others considered exotic or having magical properties. 250 pharmaceutical plants are on display, many of which are in danger of extinction.  The Abbey works in conjunction with the Conservatorie Botanique National de Brest.
Arboretum du Poërop et Jardin de l'Argoat


Gardens and conservatory Houses what is considered the foremost botanical collection of Brittany, and houses plants from 5 continents
Jardin Botanique des Montagnes Noires

Le Fell, Spezet

Gardens Here you will find mainly conifers and there are 500 species growing. There are many different heathers and shrubs surrounding these.
Les Jardins de Rospico


Gardens Nearby Pont-Aven is famous for its art and artists and this garden reflects this and was planted for colour, scent and beauty.
Parc Botanique de Kerbihan


Gardens A town centre garden, the various gardens including a neo-romantic garden, bamboo garden and arboretum surround a lake and waterfall.
Domaine de Kerguéhennec

20km north of Vannes

Chateau and Gardens This huge estate passed to the Department of Morbihan in 1972.  The chateau has a huge and magnificient courtyard.  The gardens were created in 1872 by landscape artist Denis Buhler.  There is a sculpture park
Jardin Chevassu


Gardens The garden occupies a valley with a river and two lakes.  There is also an animal park.
Jardin du Chateau de Kerambarh


Chateau and Gardens Includes a medicinal herb garden.  Here you will also find Charlemagne's capitulary, a liturgical garden, the garden of the "troisieme fleur", orchard and  kitchen garden
Jardin Bois d'Amour


Gardens Set in the centre of Josselin this is a natural garden with lots of places to walk and explore.
Circuit des Hortensies


Gardens This garden features hydrangeas.  In fact there are 400 different species and over 4,000 plants in total.