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Limousin is one of the more rural areas of France and a pleasant undiscovered place to visit.  The region is lush and green and has many lakes - 400 in total - and rivers.  Walking opportunities are available with many planned, official walks through this beautiful area.  The lakes and waterways provide a variety of  opportunities for water sports.  Other sports are well catered for - horse-riding and trekking - cycling -  and for the golfer there are a lot of golf courses.  For the less energetic, the Limousin region is a delight to explore.  The restaurants are good and hotels and holiday rental properties excellent value.  Limousin is the home of Charrolais cattle and Limoges porcelain.  Limoges is the region's capital and was established by the Romans and there are a variety of villas and other Roman remains to see there.  There are also many medieval towns and villages

Departments and Main Towns

Departments: - Corrèze (19) Capital Tulle , Creuse (23) Capital Guéret and  Haute-Vienne  (87) Capital Limoges. 

The Corrèze Department has a famous "son" - the President of Frace, Jacques Chirac.  In 2000 the Musée du président Jacques Chirac opened and on display are all the gifts given to him by other countries.

Limoges  in Haute-Viennehas produced pottery and enamels for over a thousand years.  Limoges porcelain was born in 1771


The region is not a great wine producing area however there is  Vin de Pays de la Corrèze and Vignerons de Branceilles - both these are expensive but are good. Limousin is better known for its production of Oak Barrels which are used to add flavour to other drinks.

Liqueurs of the region are Brive-la-Gaillarde and Collonges-la-Rouges which are distilled in Limoges.


Surprisingly in view of the many cattle in the region, in the main, Goats Cheeses abound and there are LA FEUILLE DU LIMOUSIN - Goats Cheese and PAS DE L'ESCALETTE which is from cow's milk.


Chestnuts - used to make the local Pâtés interesting and also for a delicious, creamy soup.

Ceps de Creuse - Mushrooms such as these Cepes and other woodland fungii.

Foie Gras

Clafoutis - which are a batter case filled with black cherries

Apple falugnarde



Paté de Terre- potato cake wrapped in thin pastry


Limoges has traditionally produced the most exquisite porcelain and enamels.