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New Life n France http://www.newlifeinfrance.co.uk/ - Excellent website full of articles to help those relocating to France.


For Website Creation www.webdesignjersey.co.uk . We specialise in providing cost effective but effective sites, uniquely designed for owner. 


For French Language Tuition The Alliance Française  are excellent help.  Go to their website www.afjersey.co.uk or in England www.alliancefrancaise.org.uk/.


Before leaving Jersey maybe you should fill up with XMILE from the Airport Car Centre Petrol Station.  This is  environmentally friendly petrol and diesel which also works out much cheaperwww.xmile.co.uk


Moving to, in or from France or even around Jersey? Go to www.carltoncarriers.com

HOLIDAYS, short breaks, Group outings or day trips to France.  www.indtravel.co.uk


CONTEMPLATING PROPERTY PURCHASE IN FRANCE and Needing Independent Legal Advice?  -  Jersey educated, Victoria Headdon holds qualifications in French and English Law and qualified and practised as a Barrister in England and Wales before basing herself in South West France. She was also the head of the legal department of one of the principal French property consultancies in the United Kingdom. Headdon Consulting offer independent legal advice and assistance to English speaking people who are purchasing property in France. www.headdonconsulting.com  Tel: +33 562680081 Fax: +33562580091



Our sister business Bond Street Business Base  offers assistance with typing documents in French, making telephone calls to France and research on France.  In turn Bond Street Business Base offers assistance to French people who need assistance with English communications.  Contact www.bondbase.info


IF YOU NEED A C.V. - perhaps you are planning to work in France or wish to apply for work in the Channel Islands or the UK.  Go to www.cvdesign.co.uk where CV's are prepared in both English and French.


NEED TO TAKE TIME OUT TO RELAX Go to  www.lavilledavy.org where you can obtain details of courses in relaxation, mindfulness etc. or perhaps go on a Buddhist related retreat in a tranquil farm setting not far from Dinan.  The centre is also available for use by people organising their own courses or retreats.



Efficient Freight Company - freight forwarders based in West Sussex


MOVING TO FRANCE............

Do you need a guide to help you through the maze of paper work.  Do you need help dealing with other issues such as tradesmen and permitsContact Anglo-French Communication


TAMARILLOS IS A RESTAURANT IN MONTPELIER  run by one of France's top dessert chefs, where the emphasis is on great cuisine, fruit and flowers, www.tamarillos.biz


http://www.bfenthusiasts.com  This site is the unofficial Brittany Ferries Enthusiasts Site created by ferry enthusiasts for other enthusiasts and travellers who have an interest in the day to day operations of Brittany Ferries.



living in FranceHOME AND DRY IN FRANCE

George East's series of books detail the joy and laughter that living in Normandy has brought to both himself and his wife Donella.  We have thoroughly enjoyed reading his books which are full of anecdotes familiar to the second home owner or immigrant to the area.  George is a publican turned author who has now written a series of six books that have attracted a worldwide readership of millions.  Click here to go to http://www.la-puce.co.uk - the home page commences "Once upon a time, former night club bouncer, seamstress and professional bedtester George East and his wife Donella fled to Normandy to escape their creditors and try to live off their wits in a foreign land.  Eventually, the couple arrived at The Mill of the Flea, a long-abandoned water mill on ten acres of fields, woods, ponds, streams and mud in the heart of the Cotentin (Cherbourg) peninsula.............."  We would suggest you go to their site and read the rest and better still read George's books! 





UKGrapevineARE YOU INTERESTED IN SMALL HOLDINGS,  like news on things dear to the English person's heart, a horsey person or just an avid reader about things French, well go to U.K. Grapevine which is a non profit making site for people in North West France. http://ukgrapevine.monsite.wanadoo.fr





Franace Telecom


  France Telecom



EDF - Electricity de France   EDF - France Electricity (Eléctricité de France)


FOR EXTENSIVE INFORMATION ABOUT CARNAC IN BRITTANY GO TO http://www.carnac.info Carnac.info describe themselves as - Carnac.info, toute l' information sur la Côte des mégalithes. Du camping à l' hôtel, de la plage à l' emploi, cherchez et vous trouverez : une location, un menhir, un bar, un restaurant, une discothèque etc. which means information about the Coast of the Megaliths, from camping to hotels, the beach to employmentg, search to find a place, a standing stone, a bar, a restaurant, a discoteque etc.


IF YOU VISIT THE MORBIHAN AREA IN BRITTANY GO TO www.vivre-a-kerhostin.net to see the pretty seaside town in the vicinity of Quiberon.


DESPERATE TO FIND A TRADESPERSON IN FRANCE OR DESPERATE TO FIND ONE! http://www.findatradeinfrance.com  - ‘Helping homeowners to find quality trades people by languages spoken and trades people to find work and get a recommendation’


HOLIDAYS, short breaks, Group outings or day trips to France.  www.indtravel.co.uk


http://www.pointplage.fr provides details of sailing and sail boarding classes around France