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Musée Baron Gérard - Collection of fine art, porcelain

Musée de la Dentelle  - Lace Museum

Battle of Normandy Memorial Museum

Baron Gerard Lace.

Porcelain Museum

Museum of Religious Art,

Clock Workshop.

Bayeux Lace Conservatory


Abbey Church Museum


Caen Chateau


Memorial Peace Museum

Musée des Beaux Arts

Musée de Normandie not to miss 

Mémorial de Caen: explains the history of Caen from 1918 until nowadays but especially the WWII.





Thomas Henry Fine Arts Museum

Paintings by artists such as Millet, Fra Angelica, Filippo Lipi, David, Brueghel de Velours and Guillaume Fouace. It is the third largest museum of Normandy and has a collection of 300 paintings and sculptures of the XVth to the XIXth centuries

Liberation Museum at the Fort du Roule


L’Art du Bois - Wooden sculptures 

Musée Tancrede: - History of Norman kings from Sicily 

Musée du Manoir de Saussey


Château-Musée  Built between XV and XVIII century

The Cité de la Mer

Museum and scientific and technical centre dedicated to fishing techniques, naval construction and aquariums




Clos Lupin

Museum dedicated to the gentlemen burglar Arsène Lupin .  This character of Maurice Leblanc is very popular and considered a combination of Robin Hood and Don Juan with an eye for the ladies.  Like the English Raffles he is at both times a gentleman and burglar . Go to http://www.arsene-lupin.com to find out more.  The Museum is surrounded by lovely gardens and the house is beautiful.



Automates Avenue Museum. 


Musée Centre des Arts

Exhibits  porcelain, tiles and  paintings

Musée des Terre Neuvas et de la Pêche

Dedicated to the French fishermen who went to Newfoundland


Christian Dior Museum


Christian Dior Museum.

Situated in the designer’s childhood home

Wax museum





Musée Boudin

 Dedicated to Eugene Boudin and those forming “Rencontre de Simeon” avant-garde of Impressionism

Ile de Tatihou

Musée Maritime

Displays of boats and fishing equipment plus a bird watching observatory, a shipyard and marine botanical gardens

Le Havre

Le Havre


Musée de l’Ancien

Details the city’s history from 1517

Andre Malraux Fine Arts Museum:

Art collection.

Andre Malraux Fine Arts Museum

The museum has an impressionist exhibition which includes the work of local artist and "Fauvist", Raoul Dufy.

Musée de l’Ancien Havre

Details the city’s history from 1517.


Le Musée d’Art et d’Histoire

Beautiful building as well.as a museum.


Notre Dame Rouen


Musee Flaubert

Museum of the 19th century writer Flaubert

Musée des Beaux Arts

European painting from the 14th century to nowadays


The Poulain Museum Massive amount of information regarding prehistory  and also has a huge collection of impressionist paintings including Monet.