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Rolling countryside, huge forests and a small, but beautiful and unspoilt, coastal area by the English Channel make Picardy a varied area. It is 30 kilometres from Paris and in areas forms part of its suburbs.   The region is regarded as the birthplace of France  as the first French king Clovis was born in Soissons, which town he made capital  in 486.  It is also considered the birthplace of Gothic art and has no less than six cathedrals.  There are many forests - Compiègne, Senlis, Villers-Cotterêts'.  The area produces pottery, is the home of the Le Creuset Foundary,


Departments and Main Towns

Departments: Aisne, Oise, Somme

Main Towns: Laon and Soissiers in Aisne, Amiens, Beauvais,

Aisne - capital Laon

Oise comprises mainly the suburbs of Paris but is also a forested area with the huge forests of Compiegne and Chantilly and is very natural

Oise   The Somme saw much destruction during the two world wars due to its strategic position.

Amiens has been designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.  This town was the home of Jules Verne and has a gallery of stained glass.



Wines and Drinks

Folie Douce - an Aperetif drink

Deutz Champagne

Pommeau - made from Cider and honey

Thiérache cider



Maroilles is an AOC - a soft cheese made from cows milk

Maliécourt - Goats Cheese



Beetroot, Beans, Cereal Crops, Potatoes, Peas



Foie Gras,   Picary Ficelle, Creme de Chantilly



Each year Beaucamp-le-Vieux holds a Furniture Making and Crafts Festival and this is a chance to see a variety of the crafts of the region - not just furniture making.

In the spring an archery festival is held as archery has been the regional sport for centuries.

Picardy has much to offer the visitor to the region