Rhône Alpes   

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SkierAs the name of the region indicates part of this, the largest region of France includes the Alps and Mont Blanc which is the highest European mountain.  An area famous for its skiing resorts, it is the winter playground for those who love snow sports.


Departments and MainTowns

Departments: Ain (01), Ardeche (07), Doubs (25),Drome (26), Isère (38), Loire (42), Rhône (69), Savoie (73) and Haute-Savoie (74).

Capital City: Lyon

Towns Chambéry and Saint-Etienne.


Skiing Resorts: Courchevel and Megève and Val d'Isere.  Lake





Lake Annecy is considered France's most beautiful lake and is also the second largest in the country.  The lake is particularly clear and pure and is fed by rivers and also an underwater spring. It is close to the beautiful town of Annecy.



Côtes-du-Rhône and Beaujolais  

Chartreuse is a wonderful liqueur from Voiron

Kirsch de Fougerolles



Beaufort, Boudane - a cheese matured in Brandy, Cantal, Chevrotin,  Persillé des Aravis, Reblochon, Saint-Nectaire, Sainte-Marcelin Tamié, Tommes de Bonneville




Chestnuts Ardèche is the leading producer of chestnuts in France.

Evian Water go to The Evian Site for more information about this smooth, pure natural water




Chestnut oil, Chestnut purée Chestnut jam

Fondues and Raclettes are dishes made from cooked Cheese and each area has its own speciality.

Gratin Dauphinois - a potato dish

Machon, a salad from Lyon which has lentils, potatoes bacon, garlic sausage, brawn and a local sausage called cevelas truffè which is stuffed with truffles

Suisse, an orange flavoured brioche made in the shape of a man and is supposed to represent Napolean.