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One of Brittany's specialities is Sea Salt. 


There are two varieties "gros sel" which is for cooking and "fleur de sel"  which is an unrefined salt of high quality.


The salt is gathered by the salter - "paludier" who uses a rake called a "las" which separates the crystals which are lying at the bottom of the salt pan. This is pulled into a pile and then pulled  up on the "ladure".


Fleur de Sel is formed from salt crystals which gather on the top of the "salt pans" on the surface of the pools.  This is partially dried by the prevailing wind from the east and is coloured pink.  It is then dried in the sun and becomes white. A "lousse" is used to gather the salt crystals..


The sheep that graze around the coast - Mont St. Michel in particular, provide much desired meat and this salt lamb is famous in the region. The lambs from the Breton islands are also considered excellent for meat.