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This page is devoted to latest news and developments in travel between the Channel Islands, England and France. 

2011 was an eventful year for the ferry companies

This was the year that Jersey lost the Corsaire service. The vessel carried foot passengers only between St. Malo and Jersey. This line was complementary to the Condor wave piercer service during the summer season and brought numerous continental day trippers to the island.

Passengers certainly knew that they were on a boat as it was so much smaller, took a bit longer to go backwards and forwards and moved more in bad weather!  Boarding  in Jersey involved descending granite steps to the jetty but  disembarking was swift. 

Rumour has it that the decision to cease the service was more to do with politics in France than financial concerns.    A shame this happened and a loss on both sides of the water.

Boy looking through telescope

Where is my Boat?


Click here to go to digimap ais which shows real-time ship movements in the English Channel. 


Please use this for guidance only and check in as requested by your ferry company!  Remember that if the ships are in port with transponders switched off they may not show up on the map. The Ferry images are yellow

Magazine Articles from the Archives

The Arrival of the Condor Rapide. 


The vessel is a great improvement on the previous vessel Condor 10 as it carries three times more cars.  Islanders were actually fond of the Condor 10, preferring it to other vessels but the new Rapide is a pleasant surprise being bright and roomy with a very much lighter interior than the 10. 


The shop is bigger - very welcome - and the cafeteria better.  As Condor Rapide is very new on the route, Condor have spent some time this year improving her interior and I hear have plans to further refurbish the vessel this winter when, I am told, she will have a new first class area similar to those on the two other vessels.

At present the First Class Lounge is partitioned off from the other passengers rather than being a dedicated room however it is very pleasant with more tables and chairs and a great improvement on the upstairs area used for this purpose on Condor 10.


History of Condor Rapide


The Condor Rapide is an 86 meter catamaran constructed by Incat in Tasmania and is the younger sister of the Condors Vitesse and Express being launched in November 1997. Her first voyages were between Victoria and Tasmania and then she was chartered by the Australian Government in 1999, named HMAS Jervis Bay and was used for carrying troops and equipment between Darwin in Australia and Dili during the peace keeping operations for East Timor. When that need ended in 2001 she was chartered by an Italian company and sailed between Genoa and Palau. The Italian company failed and she was laid up until 2004 when Speed Ferries took her over and she was given a new name HSC SpeedOne. We wrote a magazine article about the launch of SpeedOne in 2004.  Click here to read it!  In late 2008 SpeedFerries went into administration until 2009 at which stage she had been renamed Sea Leopard.

Interior of Condor Rapide













Above - Condor Rapide upper deck dressed up

for the launch party

Condor Rapide Shop

HD Ferries sets sail between the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey an Saint MaloHD Ferries took the decision to pull off the Channel Islands route in February 2009.



Ex Emeraude hostesses on HD1


Emeraude Ferries the End of an Era  2006 sees the end of a ferry company that had sailed in local waters for 100 years



hostesses on Solidor 5


Speed Ferries went into liquidation in 2004 but in view of their vessel now being the Condor Rapide this makes interesting reading!

SpeedFerries the line that ran between Dover and Boulogne -


Travelling from Jersey to France in the 1960's.

Jersey Timetable from 1960


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