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  Written in June 2005



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What is fun for young people in France?  What can they do?  Where can they go?  Where can they shop?

Katell Robino

This page is designed by a young person for young people. 


Thank you Katel Robino. 


Katel Robino is a young Breton lady studying in l'Orient.  She felt that people her age - early twenties - could be on a budget so she mentions camp sites as good cheap places to stay.  The concentration of this page is on Brittany as this is her home place and close to the Channel Islands.


This page is written in Katel's own words.





Katel starts with the closest regions to the Channel Islands and England - Ille et Vilaine and Côte d'Armor and then the Morbihan and Finistère. 


Ille et Vilaine (35)

L’ille et Vilaine is the only department of Brittany where there is not so many beaches. But you have some very beautiful ones, for example in St Malo. 


Katel particularly likes


St Malo which is a beautiful town, full of history.  It is very simple to go there.  The best thing about St Malo is that it is a quite big town, where there is a lot of entertainment, plenty of things to do and to visit, and you also have the beach.   


Camping de la fontaine 49 rue de la fontaine aux Pèlerins  35400 St Malo

Website : www.campinglafontaine.com 



Sand yacht

Surf School 2 avenue de la Hoguette  35400 St Malo

Website: www.surfschool.org


Climbing Roc et Mer escalade

9 boulevard de la République 35400 St Malo



Rennes is the capital of Brittany.  There are a lot of students there as it is a University city and during the school year, the day to go out on the evening to have some fun is Thursday night. 


Shops, there are a lot of very goods clothes shops in Rennes.  Maybe, the best solution is to walk around the town and see because there are also really goods bars where you can have a drink in summer outside on the terrace!

Pimkie, cheap clothes fashion for women.  4 rue d’Orléans

Zara, very good shop, not expensive and fashion for

men and women. 5 Quai Lamartine

André, good shoes for good prices.  Centre commercial


Côtes d’Armor


The department of the Côtes d’Armor is very interesting to visit because it is diversified - seaside and countryside.   


St-Cast-Le-Guildo, which is a seaside resort.  You don’t have to leave the town to find something to do.  You have got everything in this little town: night clubs, yacht club, a market, shops…


Camping Plage la Crique ««(10,40€ per day)

Rue de la Mare 22380 St-Cast-Le-Guildo                  

Website : www.campings-vert-bleu.com


Sport activities in St-Cast:

Hourse riding “Le Logis du Gallais” 22380 St-Cast-Le-Guildo.  Rides of 1 hour or 2 hours  but also a whole day  or a 2 or 4 days excursion                       

Website: www.ecurie-du-gallais-com 


Golf de Corbinais La Corbinais  22980 St-Michel-de-Plélan

Website: www.corbinais.com


Dinan Paintball Zone artisanale de Guinefort 22100 St-Carne  ( 00332.



St Brieuc is a good place where you can have fun and do a lot of things. Here are some good shops, where it’s not very expense, except from Teddy Smith but it’s fashion. 

Clothes shops

New Man (for men and women)– 29 rue St Guillaume

Sud Express (for women) – 20 rue Général Leclerc

Teddy Smith(for men and women) – 3 rue Général Leclerc

Jennyfer (for women, very cheap) – 46 rue St Guillaume

Jules (for men) – 26 rue St Guillaume

Promod (for women) – 31 rue St Guillaume

San Marina (shoes for men and women)–28 rue St Guillaume


Some Festivals in France that may appeal to 20's plus  Actually they may also quite appeal to the 50's+!

   Festival de Nîmes (30- Gard), which takes place in  the amphitheatre of Nîmes.  www.infoconcert.com 



   Nice Jazz Festival (06- Alpes Maritime), was born in 1948.  It is really a big event where the jazz lovers go every year. on the in  July.  www.nicejazzfest.com 



Garance Reggae Festival 15 (75- Paris) takes place i in the Porte de Versailles.    www.zouker.com



Festival Francofolies (17- Charente Maritime). This festival takes place in La Rochelle  www.francofolies.fr



 Festival Rock en Seine (75- Paris, domaine de St Cloud)  www.rockenseine.com



 La route du Rock

 St Malo www.laroutedurock.com



le Festival Terre Neuvas in Bobital. For information about the recent festival and future years  www.festival-terre-neuvas.com                     



Of course you can’t forget the Festival Interceltique de Lorient, (very very big event!)   www.festival-interceltique.com



The Festival du Pont du Rock  in Malestroit.         www.infoconcert.com



Don’t forget The Festival du bout du Monde in Crozon (near Quimper) For more information:  www.festivalduboutdumonde.com




For more information about nightlife go to the Nightlife in France Page




For more information  about Discoteques go to French Discothèques





Morbihan (56)

In France, it is very common to stay in camping.  It is a really good solution for young people because it is cheap and very convivial.  For example, you can stay in  


Carnac, it is town that wakes up in summer.  There are a lot of pubs and bars and also night clubs where famous DJs come (like David Guetta).  But you can go to the beach during the day.  


Camping du Men-Du

Chemin de Beaumer Carnac Plage

(02 97 52 04 23


There are also plenty of activities to do in Carnac and its surroundings.


Scuba diving in Carnac (40€ the first dive)

Yacht Club de Carnac Port en Dro 56341 Carnac

Website: www.yccarnac.com


Parachute jump (220€ in tandem)

Entre ciel et Terre  Rue de l’aérodrome   56170 Quiberon

Website: www.entrecieletterre.com



Finistère (29)


As in the Morbihan, a lot of towns in the Finistère are very calm during winter, and very attractive in summer. 


Concarneau is a very beautiful town where you have a lot of things to do. It’s really a good place to stay because it is close to a lot of very attractive towns.  The following camping is just in front of a beautiful beach. 


Camping du Moulin d’Aurore

49 rue de Trégunc

29900 Concarneau

Website: www.moulinaurore.com


In Concarneau’s surroundings you have:


Bowling Le Master

59 rue du Président Sadate

29000 Quimper




Kart’West Indoor

4 rue Stade Kerhuel

ZI de l’hippodrome

29000 Quimper

Website: www.kartwest.fr


Attraction park

Odet Loisirs

Route de Quimper

29370 Coray (15km from Quimper)

Website: www.odet-loisirs.com